Sunday, January 2, 2011



I was the last to leave the apartment during the break and it seems like I am the first to return. Still here alone as of right now. My roommate left his beta fish couple in my care. He flew home for the break; I was only driving. He did not expect me to take them with me (at least I hope not), but rather leave enough food for the ten days I would be gone. Over the ten days I thought about them a couple of times. I even joked to Nancy about finding them dead upon my return. Like I said, I was first to return (earlier this night) and what did I find? The two fish, each in a holding of brown water. The smell was as good as a well-used porta-potty. The blue beta was a lump of a carcass, laying in the bottom of the cup. The green and blue was somehow still miserably alive. Cleaning out the cup and tank was dreadful.

My current Facebook status includes "I regret to inform my roommate that I flushed one of his fish down the toilet." I figured it was the best place for the dead one to go. It was the male, which was undeniably more beautiful than the female. Clearly we humans are not crafted in like manner.

Rest in peace blue beta.


One of my New Year's resolutions was to do at least 50 push-ups each day (taking a break come the Sabbath). I figured it would do some good. I am not guilty of much physical misery ("exercise") these days and felt like that needed to change. Well, I failed to do any yesterday so I am off to a substantial start. Today is of rest. See how I feel tomorrow.

Yesterday (see preceding post) I shared about my most treasured Christmas gifts. I said, "I will start reading from each before I sleep again." Well, that did not happen. It slipped my mind. I truly will tonight though. In fact, I will place them on my pillow now. Done.

They both say "Volume 1" on them. I like that. My mother's is called "Reaching for Memories" My father's "Rocks, Cliffs, Mesas and Plateaus: A Life's Journey."

Good and night.


  1. All life is precious, even the life of a Beta fish. I can not replicate it.

  2. Was your roommate mad?

    Sorry you had to clean that all up... Sounds worse than one of Sophie's blow outs! :)