Monday, January 24, 2011



It is still January. In fact, there is one week left.

It has been many days since I last made an entry in this blog. At least I did not let the month pass.


I couldn't tell you the day it started, but I think it was in November... I decided to make my bed before I left home for the day. You see, making my bed was not very high on my priority list then and it rarely (if ever) happened. I returned to my room later and noted the delightfully made bed. (I spent a summer being a housekeeper and learned the art of bed-making.) It was such a simple and nice touch that I decided to do it the next day. This has gone on through today. I look at my made bed now, cast with a blanket made by my grandmother, and appreciate it more. Honestly, it has had a positive effect on my room. A clean and orderly environment can make quite a difference. If you are currently a non-bed-maker, I invite you to try it for a week. Now that I have acquired this bed-making routine I will start developing another good habit.


In my first post I disclosed my goal to write in my journal, write a poem, and post on a blog every day. Luckily I have a blog for poems, so sometimes (like every day one week) writing a poem right in euphrates gets two of those done. I have written a poem for that blog every single day this month. I missed a day or two in my journal. Not entirely sure how that happened, but I am managing to stay on top of that responsibility as a whole. In fact, it is almost that magic hour that flips a page on calenders so I have to go write in my journal now! (Yes, I feel the need to always write in my journal before midnight due to the technical day change). Peace out.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Bubs. When I was at BYU-Idaho, L. Tom Perry came to speak for a devotional. I was able to meet him while he was there and when I asked if I could shake his hand, he looked at me closely and said, "Did you make your bed this morning?" I was so taken aback by the question and honestly couldn't remember... I don't know what else he said, but I've often thought of that. I don't always make up my bed, but I try to. I agree - it makes a difference. Love ya!

  2. Grand lil' anecdote. Now I will probably always remember that. Love you too.

  3. "Make a bed, then say your prayers." That's my mantra!