Thursday, January 1, 2015


Every January 1st I come back to this site to blow the dust off, knock down the cobwebs and say what's up.

I'm not going to list my New Year's resolutions for 2015. I've done that on my own and will hold myself strictly accountable. Instead, I'll share some of the resolutions I lived in 2014:

Write everyday. This was actually something I started after seeing The Great Beauty in theaters in 2013. The film struck a chord in me and it vibrated to my core. I vowed right then and there that I was going to write everyday. Stop talking, start writing. Don't ever waste your time or anyone else's by telling them you "want to write." Take that time and put pen to paper. Even if it's a simple idea. Even if it's a sentence. Write. Every. Day. I did that in 2014 and will continue to do that as long as I'm on this rock.

Daily journal. This is separate from writing every day, but I did this too. I've been watching a lot of The Good Wife and served on jury duty last year. I also listened to Serial like everyone else. What's that got to do with this? Well, I want to be able to to tell someone where I was and what I did on any given day. Keeping a journal and a daily planner are both aides for an alibi. Oh yeah, it's also important to keep a record of your existence for posterity. Even if nobody ever reads my journal entries (which I'd kind of be okay with). It's a cathartic way to review each day and give it closure. Give it a try if you don't already.

Take a picture everyday. Since I was little I've looked at things from a certain point of view and wanted to have a snapshot of that. When I got my first point and click camera I went hog wild with snapping pictures from every perspective imagineable. Now we live in a day and age when we all have cameras in our pockets at any given time. Where are you at today? Take a picture and remember it.

These are just three of the daily goals I set for myself and kept in 2014. They're among the daily, monthly and other S.M.A.R.T. goals I've set for myself in 2015. Maybe I'll see you again in a year's time. Maybe I see you before that. In any case, Happy New Year!


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