Thursday, July 25, 2013


There's simply not enough time at night to do all you wanted to do during the day.

In our Internet era it's impossible to go through a day without using a written language, but writers must find offline ways to write.

The evolution of keyboards has always been downsizing. From typewriters to half an iOS screen. They may one day shrink into non-existence.

What does the future hold? Diction, at least until telepathic technology. Most of all I fear the absence of actual text. Helps to see words.

Until that time I'm just going to keep writing/typing. More for the future to burn through. What will it be at the last stand?

A battle for whatever side is faster: The destroyers and the creators. That's what it has always been. Earth & Time have always won.

Perhaps the greatest foe is fatigue? Fogs the mind, kills desire, tempts us to put down pens and walk away from computers. Promises freedom.

The greatest warriors are those that create during destruction. Those that push when pulled and jump up when realizing what they have.

Write. Type. Drink water. Pencil things in. Pen things down. Checking off is key (for body and mind). Plan. And then push.

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  1. I enjoyed your thoughts. I especially liked your line, "The greatest warriors are those that create during destruction." I just read the "Matched" series (don't know if you've ever heard of them), but it's a dystoptic series (some of my faves) and in it, people can no longer write (among other things), and when people start to rebel, creation (and a love for others' creations) is one of the first things that comes back. It was a great series!