Monday, March 18, 2013


Introducing Pic & Tale

Ever heard of Very Short Stories? It's one of the must-follow Twitter accounts regardless of interests. (Okay, they do fall a bit on the macabre side of things hence the Edgar Allen Poe profile picture.) Basically it's Tweet-sized (the sanctioned 140 characters) fiction! They are conjured by Sean Hill and he even has a book with some 300 of them. Well, the idea of a story that could be that short really inspired me and so I thought I'd try my hand at it but introduce a new element to the table: iPhone pictures! Similar to the iPhone Memories, another type of post I do, these are pictures that I take and then infuse my words into for a new whole. The difference is that iPhone Memories are more snapshots of people, times and places of my life while Pic & Tale (that's what I'm calling it) will be primarily short bursts of creativity. I will likely first post them via Instagram as I did with this first one but will get around to publishing it here on the blog. I'd love to see some Pic & Tale entries of your own or, if you feel so inclined, you write a short story to match the picture. The only rule? Three sentences* or less.

* No run-ons! C'mon!

Speeding City Bus

As Martin stumbled off the curb he finally recalled the landscape of her face... He looked up. The realization hit him like a speeding city bus.

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