Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This blog sees the light of day less than a Scalopus aquaticus (pictured above, better known as the common mole). What a specimen this one is. Sometimes Pokemon ain't got nothin' on real life...

I know I'm more than capable of being a "consistent blogger." Last year I posted some 150 times on The Film Tome (and-then-some on other blogs). Why then do I not update this one very oft? I am much more excited to talk movies than I am to talk about my life I suppose, but at the end of my life what am I going to be able to leave my posterity to know about me? Sure, they'll know I was downright obsessed with film and I would be delighted if any of them shared that passion, but they may want to know about other aspects of my life (AKA The Film of Jared Scott Lewis.)

A year ago this day I wrote a post entitled "2012." It was valuable to look back at what was going through my mind and down through my fingers that night. Hindsight makes them invaluable.  That, more than anything, should be the fire that fuels my drive to improve my dedication to this personal blog. So many things have transpired since then. I was in China at the time meeting my girlfriend's family. Since then we both graduated from BYU, we tied the knot and we moved to California. Some of the biggest milestones one confronts in one's lives and I've knocked a few out in one fell swoop of a year!

2012 will be a year I'll never forget. 2013 may not have as big events (in fact, I kind of hope it doesn't), but there are aspects aplenty in my life that I am working on improving. As I type this post my dear Nancy is in the other one putting together her first post of the year for The Perfect Bubble, a blog that she started this last year that is a far better documentation of our lives together than you'll currently find here. She also blogs about some of her favorite things there. Anyways, said blog post is about some of our New Year's Resolutions (five each). One of mine was to improve in my record keeping. In addition to daily journal entries I wanted to post on this blog once a week. So far, so good.

Here's to a New Year. Cheers to you and yours!


My first summer out of high school I worked in Alaska (this was 2006). It was a hellish job, housekeeping, but I honed wanted habits, labored, and was constantly inspired by the mystere of that region. My brother-in-law was a body builder at this time (a great fit for my so-athletic-it-makes-me-ill sister). He pressured me into going to the Gustavus High School gym on some of my mornings there. In the weight room there were motivational phrases black-marker-ed onto the wall. One day we brought our own utensil and left our mark. Here's what I wrote:

If I ever return to that small town in South East Alaska I will seek out the building, the specific wall therein and see if my "tag" is still there. That inspection will just be for kicks, because I haven't forgotten or stopped striving to do what I wrote that day. Not by a long shot.

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  1. You definitely had a big 2012! Best of luck with your goals for 2013. I love reading what you're up to. Happy New Year, bro. :)